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Treatment of Skin & Nails Diseases

Although there are hundreds of skin diseases, to name a few common ones are Psoriasis, Vitiligo (Leucoderma or white patch), eczemas, atopic dermatitis, bacterial, fungal (ringworm) and viral infections. The first line of treatment in all conditions is either oral or topical medications. In some cases we need to add other treatment modalities like PHOTOTHERAPY.

Phototherapy involves exposure of the affected skin to Ultraviolet radiations in specialized exposure chambers. This is a very safe and effective mode of treatment in a number of dermatological conditions like psoriasis, Vitiligo (white spots on skin), many types of eczemas etc. Phototherapy treatments are meant for either whole body treatments or for treatments of specific body areas like hands and feet, scalp. We also provide handheld and panel phototherapy units for home use by patients at their convenience. The main advantage of phototherapy is in special population groups like children and pregnant ladies where use of oral medicines is not possible due to their harmful side effects. We use NB-UVB (narrow band-UVB) chambers for the purpose of irradiation as this is more safe and effective for management of different skin conditions.

Our team of doctors, who are specially trained in Vitiligo surgery have helped many patients with stable, resistant leucoderma (epidermal graft, punch graft, suction blister graft etc).

Many kinds of contact dermatitis can be treated if the correct incriminating allergen is identified and eliminated from one's day-to-day life.

We perform "Patch Testing" for routine universal allergens and specialised ones like vegetable patch test for identification of these allergens.

All kinds of skin infections including sexually transmitted diseases (males & females) are treated taking due care of the patient's privacy.

Hair and nail are important appendages of the skin. There are a variety of diseases which can affect them. Hair and nail are also important for one’s aesthetic appeal. We help our patients maintain their good looks by providing them with skin and hair care tips.