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Dark Circle Reduction

Under eye pigmentation (dark circles) and perioral pigmentation (pigmentation around the mouth)

The under eye area and the area around the mouth are quite sensitive. So they require special care. Depending on the age, one faces different kinds of problems in these areas. Hence the right choice of treatment is also important.


In the young age pigmentary changes are common. Dark circles give a negative impression to a person's appearance. By choosing the right combination of creams and under-eye treatments, we can help such patients. Puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles (crow's feet) are common after the age of 35. Again, a combination of creams, treatments like chemical peels, mesotherapy and botulinum toxin injection may be required to treat such patients.


Tear trough or the curved deep groove below the eye is quite a common but distressing problem. Hyaluronic acid fillers injected into this area can magically make this deep groove disappear in no time. It is a very safe and long lasting treatment and is done frequently at our clinic.


Many internal illnesses, hormonal problems and life style also affect the skin around our eyes and mouth. A detailed history, relevant investigations, the right treatment approach and a few life style changes are required for a sucessful outcome.