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Surgery for Leucoderma Jalandhar,Wrinkle treatment in Punjab
Surgery for Leucoderma Jalandhar,Wrinkle treatment in Punjab

Surgery for Leucoderma Jalandhar,Wrinkle treatment in Punjab


Dermapen is a modification of the Dermaroller. It works by collagen remodelling leading to scar reduction which allows the skin to rejuvenate and renew in a natural way.

It is a unique hand-held device that uses an automatic spring-loaded disposable needle with a vibrating stamp-like motion that creates tiny micro-needle holes in your skin (after giving anesthesia to make the skin numb).  This procedure naturally stimulates the production of collagen with minimal epidermal damage or trauma.  The Dermapen technology is as effective as fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing but provides a shorter recovery period without thermal heating caused by laser skin resurfacing.  Most importantly, the use of a disposable needle cartridge means no risk for cross-contamination to ensure the highest sterility and patient safety.

The results of the procedure may take up to 6 weeks to appear and multiple sessions may be required. However, the process of regeneration and repair continues for months even after stopping the treatments, giving you a natural and long lasting enhancement.

 Dermapen offers the advantage of giving amazing results with less pain and less recovery time. It is also a great option for those who would rather avoid treatments like Botox® and Fillers for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. It is much more affordable than Botox® and fillers with quite similar results.

Dermapen is a very cost effective and useful method to reduce open pores and bring a glow to the skin.

Both the Dermapen and the Dermaroller procedures are to be performed only by a qualified dermatologist who can assess your skin type and then address your needs and concerns. Do not attempt to perform these treatments at home by yourself or by unqualified persons.