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Phototherapy For Dieases

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Phototherapy means the use non-ionising ultraviolet rays to bring about a beneficial effect in certain skin diseases.

UV Rays can be UVA or UVB rays. The specific 311nm UVB rays or the narrow band (nb-UVB) rays is far superior to the conventional phototherapy for chronic diseases like Psoriasis and Vitiligo.

In India, Vitiligo is associated with marked social stigma, thus demanding an effective management of this benign idiopathic disease. Chronic diseases like Psoriasis and eczemas can also be very well controlled with nb-UVB.


We have the whole body nb-uvb Unit, as well as the hands and feet unit for specific lesions on hands and feet. Portable nb-uvb units for home use are also available for patients.

This is an approved and one of the safest modalities of treatment with minimal side effects. Also it is safe for children and pregnant women as it eliminates the need for oral medications.